Seminar of Methodology

Held on weekends in Paris and taught by a qualified research director, the themes of this seminar are:

– «Epistemology – Research Methodology» to learn how to construct a field of research, gather and process information, objectivisation procedure and how to define a problem.
– «Review of Literature» to learn how to find academic articles and theories to build your own definition of your problem and/or to find a gap to explore in the theory.

Seminar on your field

This seminar is overseen by professionals with demonstrated expertise in their field of practice. The seminars allow the doctoral students to establish an interface between knowledge acquired (even the mist theoretical ones) and real-life professional challenges.
We grant the school access to its network of specialists, professionals, researchers and Ph.D. holders to enable doctoral student to be supervised by an internationally renowned professional.

We are organised into 3 research and publication divisions:

– Finance (Bank, Corporate Finance, Trading)
– Strategy and Marketing (Innovation, International Business, Brand/Retail)
– The Governance division (Leadership, Human Resources, Ethic/Compliance)

The doctoral school is under the responsability of 10 personalities internationally renowned for their expertise and their international network.