PhD & DBA enhance professional experience, provide career prospects and build the trust capital of the diploma holder, which is a gateway to recognized expert status among peers.

Our Doctoral Program, diploma of a high international added value, provide an opportunity to stand out from the now ubiquitous Master’s degrees.

The diplomas also enable experienced executives to gain perspective on one’s management practices, validate expertise, substantiate one’s authority and gain the capacity to aim for new responsibilities. As such, DBA diplomas differ from Ph.D.s, which are only concerned with theory.

Today, companies also value these types of diplomas. Faced with ever-increasing competition, a complex world, more cutting-edge technologies and faster and more global information exchange, companies seek to hire staff with interdisciplinary skill sets and the capacity to think global, innovate, design new and inventive models tailored to the changes in society.

To this effect, most PhD or DBA holders work in large international corporations operating in sectors ranging from consultancy, finance to industry. A number of leading groups have made the Doctoral Degree an integral part of their career management policy.

Our research fields of research are now extremely varied and address the needs of managers, ranging from staff administration to strategic management. Fields of research include: finance, marketing, strategy, leadership, human resources, information systems, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, robotics, business intelligence, etc.