The strength of our doctoral programs rests on an outstanding faculty. You will not only have access to some of the foremost scholars and thought leaders in the world — you will work with mentors who have been on the front lines of policy and practice, and learn from researchers deeply connected to the field. Our faculty have turned around struggling urban school districts, advised on policy, and created opportunities in Europe, Central and South America, and Africa, among other developing countries. Their research has influenced legislation, science and education.

The Doctoral Program (PhD or DBA) is a program that takes about three years to complete, designed for student, engineer, managers, consultants, experienced lecturers or leaders seeking to enhance their careers by engaging in research work.

The goal is to provide these professionals with a forum for generating ideas, engaging in scientific analysis and for adopting an academic frame of reference in order to optimise corporate management, mitigate decision-making risks, maintain an innovative edge, and devise effective and responsible strategies.

We provide :
-scientific analysis
-an academic frame of references
in order to maintain an innovative edge, and devise effective and sustainable strategies.

It spurs development of a new rigorous mindset, pushes one to think outside the box and helps structure management models. Approaching practices based on proof implies taking a step back from events, acquiring new authority perceptible by one’s colleagues, and becoming a “resourceful staff member” in terms of resolving problems affecting the company.

Designed as a part-time program so as to meet professional constraints, the DBA is a research/action programs that are compatible with an active career. PhD is organized as a full-time program with publications and teaching obligations.

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