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All programs are based on the same structure and organization:
Duration: 1 day (2 x 3 hours)
Method: online
Language available: English, Spanish, and French
Price: 1.500 EUR


Leadership is a life skill that is learned in theory and in practice. In this program we will train you to understand the keys to executive leadership. Through the history of leadership, we will address all the key points based on real case studies. At the end of this day, you will understand the stakes of leadership and its impact on organizational behavior.


Every day in organizations, we face different behaviors. Sometimes amusing, sometimes deviant, these behaviors are often the cause of discomfort and incomprehension.This program, designed around case studies, is designed to understand, explore and exchange around an awareness of psychology.


Originating from the cognitive sciences, cognitive neuroscience is the study of the human brain. We will present in this course the social dimension of neuroscience, namely: behaviors (decision, altruism, cooperation, competition, persuasion, sex, empathy, aggression, violence, etc.).


In this program we will address the issues of strategic analysis and strategic decisions of companies. Then we will focus on the marketing and introduction of new products. Techniques, methods and little secrets are on the program. Concrete case studies will illustrate the points we will see during this day.


This workshop is a sensibilisation to the technical analysis of financial markets. We deal with signals and the main analysis tools. We will finish with derivatives and technical products. This course is an introduction to trading on financial markets.


This workshop is designed to highlight the fundamental principles of the Blockchain and the challenges it faces in the future. Of course, we will talk about FinTech and electronic currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC).