The globalisation of markets is presenting the business world with new challenges. To tackle these challenges effectively, companies must recruit managers capable of boosting international performance. The European MBA in Strategic Management trains participants to take on the challenges of internationalisation. It teaches an international and transversal approach to management that is indispensable in today’s multicultural environment. Through a series of wide-ranging and challenging modules, the programme helps participants grasp the economic, legal, financial and geopolitical aspects of the contemporary business world. It also addresses the concrete strategic and organisational concerns of today’s companies.

The European MBA is a master’s-/post-master’s-level (EQF 7) degree focusing on international business and management.

Available in English, the European MBAs are aimed at experienced, motivated and highflying managers from all business sectors and all parts of the globe. MBA students are equipped with all the skills needed for successful management.

The programmes are designed to be taken in parallel to work commitments.

European MBA graduates join an elite, international network of managers with access to a wealth of career opportunities.

ECTS credits: 90

The MBA in Strategic Management has been designed by business actors and researchers with a focus on innovation and practical application. The programme draws on cutting-edge developments in the field. Given the current trend towards internationalisation and the increasing importance of international and transversal management in today’s multicultural world, the MBA in Strategic Management provides valuable professional skills and improved career prospects.

2 options:

  • Strategic Management (corporate/Non-profit)
  • Financial Strategy (Insurance/Bank)

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