All our Masters are available to life experience process.

We allow any person who has a professional activity as a salaried, non-salaried, voluntary, elective, trade union, top-level athlete, of at least 3 years, carried out in the same professional field (even abroad), to obtain all or part of a degree Bachelor or Master Degree.

To secure a professional career that evolves throughout life, by obtaining a degree, a true “passport” to the world of work.

That is to say: have your professionalism recognized, evolve in your position, adapt to a change, stay in the job, prepare for internal or external mobility, regain confidence, be valued, etc.

Without having to pass a priori tests, without a prior diploma, without prior training, validating the experience consists in completing a file consisting of two booklets and presenting it to a jury:
Step 1: Admissibility to prove experience
Step 2: Description of activities proving competence to the Jury
Step 3: Thesis defence to the Jury.

Your thesis will be examined by a jury composed of professionals and academics who, after deliberation, will deduce the skills and knowledge acquired to deliver all or part of the diploma.

A tutor will be assigned to support the success of the experience validation project.